Welcome to the

Amberley Cluster

Welcome to the two new gardens in the Amberley Cluster.

Photos and garden descriptions coming soon


David & Juliet Hunter- Maskells Garden

Jenny Cooper & Chris Raateland- Blue House

This map is still to be updated.There’s also other useful information, such as the locations of public toilets, petrol and diesel stations, and food outlets.

What you'll find at each garden

We’ve designed a series of ‘icons’ to summarise key details about each garden (such as toilets) so you can see at a glance what to expect when you visit. Here’s the list of the icons we’re using.

On-site/ Off-road parking available (buses call first)
Toilets available on site
Wheelchair accessible garden (1.2m wide paths)
Wheelchair accessible toilet
Picnic area available (visitors may bring food)
Tea/coffee included in admission fee
Refreshments available for purchase
Children's play area

Dogs allowed
Garden tours available
Nursery/plants for sale
Accommodation available
Opens at other times
This garden has events