Toilets available on site
Tea/coffee included in admission fee
Picnic area available (visitors may bring food)
Dogs allowed
Garden opens at other times
Home producers/ Vegetable gardens

Your hosts: Jenny Cooper & Chris Raateland

35 Willowside Place, Amberley

Jenny verses the Nor’wester

This is a garden where strong design and a plantswoman’s passion go hand in hand. It is a garden that invites you to wander, explore and relax, with plenty of places to sit, and new delights around every corner.

Our wide grass paths take you from intimate and cool shade gardens, to sweeps of tussocks and prairie flowers, and through Mediterranean inspired gravel gardens, featuring stunning succulents and aloes. From generous sunny borders filled with unusual and difficult to source perennials, to an iris filled damp garden. We have a gorgeous no-mow meadow, vineyard and charming and productive vegetable garden. Tiny paths meander through arched hedges and down to the creek

We also provide a map and information about our garden philosophy, honed in the difficult North Canterbury climate. This includes no-dig, bare rooting, limited feeding and encouragement of mycorrhizal fungi.

Come and enjoy a complimentary drink, with baking to purchase, in our new covered, sheltered outdoor seating area.

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Studio Home Sessions

“Creating a vibrant and beautiful dry garden” Jenny Cooper with Julia Atkinson-Dunn.

When:Friday 28th Oct, 11am