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Penny Zino

Timeless and ever changing

Fifty-one years after it began, Flaxmere Garden continues to inspire with its appealing vistas and innovative design. In the 3-hectare garden you’ll find a series of garden rooms designed around vistas and connected by a series of pools. The garden rooms have their own distinct personality. The naturalistic planting in the native gardens contrasts with the classically inspired stonewalls and timber pergolas entwined with roses and clematis you’ll see in the swimming pool garden. The terrace by the house is the perfect place for you to sit and be romanced by the timeless charm of towering oak trees, under-planted with an intriguing mixture of exotics and natives, deciduous and evergreen shrubs. A gracefully arched bridge over ponds leads your eye on to the distant Mt Tekoa. There’s always something new for you to experience as in the perennial and grasses garden inspired by Piet Oudolf. In the Whirlpool garden you’ll see native hebes, Pittosporum, Olearia and Coprosma together with rhododendrons and hellebores to create a contrast of texture and colour. Flaxmere brings together timeless charm with innovative design creating an unforgettable garden.