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Andrew and Robyn Ferguson

Hidden behind the holly hedge

Highgate Garden has to be seen to be believed. Hidden behind the holly hedge in Hanmer Springs you’ll find a 2000 square metre private green oasis. Within five minutes walk of the Thermal Pools, Highgate Garden consists of several distinct areas. The front garden presents you with a classical garden style of box hedging, cherry trees and standard iceberg roses leading to the front door. The formality continues through a vegetable garden to the side of the house. You’ll discover the rear garden has lawns surrounded by densely planted perennials against a backdrop of mature trees, such as conifers, maples, magnolias and camellias forming a woodland area. Amongst the planting you’ll see dogwood trees with their pink and white blossoms, and rarities such as the paperbark Acers. Extensive paved areas provide you places to sit and enjoy the serenity of the garden. Thirty years of composting has successfully turned a poorly drained clay backyard into a tranquil, lush garden retreat in the centre of the town.