On-site/ Off-road parking available (buses call first)
Wheelchair accessible garden (1.2m wide paths)
Picnic area available (visitors may bring food)
Garden tours available
Nursery/plants for sale
Garden opens at other times
Home producers/ Vegetable gardens
NZMCA members welcome overnight

Your hosts: Doreen & Mike Dryden

714 Rotherham Road South, Rotherham

Phone: 027 220 5186

Expansive and Spectacular

Loch Leven is a Garden of National Significance, awarded 5 stars by the New Zealand Gardens Trust.

The 3 acre garden has evolved over the last 31 years and is still evolving, a fence has been removed and a new area is being developed this year. Hedging has been used extensively to give shelter and structure. Large borders are filled with a rich array of plants including roses, rhododendrons, shrubs, perennials, hostas, irises, perennials and peonies. You’ll see ashes, elms, oaks and silver birches planted throughout the large expanse lawn and garden to give shade and tranquillity. A dry-stone wall garden has been planted with silver and grey plants. A more naturalistic planting of natives and grasses on the outskirts blends well with large rocks and wire art. A summerhouse adds tranquillity. Numerous old bricks have been used to path areas. Raised potager vegetable beds and a small espaliered fruit tree orchard are very productive and attractive. Spectacular views of Mt Lyford and the Lowry Peaks range can be viewed from the garden. The nursery has a wide selection of plants the owners propagate and will be well stocked for the festival.