On-site/ Off-road parking available (buses call first)

Your hosts: David and Juliet Hunter

180 Maskells Road, Amberley

Blooms in Spring

This 25 year old garden on gentle rolling downs has a distinctly north-facing aspect with a wide variety of hardy plants. A bank formed during excavation is a major feature and is now well established. The plants have thrived with the excellent drainage and warm sunny aspect it provides. With limited water supply, many of the plants grown here have to tolerate dry and often windy conditions.

The garden has grown, incorporating both formal and informal elements, with a pleasing array of spring colour and texture. It has an open feel with some lovely views. There is a large camellia collection with overhead shade from numerous alder trees. A recently planted native area complements the existing plantings.


Camellias in the Garden

David Hunter will give a guided walk through his large camellia planting. He will discuss the different types, explain their habits and answer any questions.

When:Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 10am

Cost:Free with admission