Toilets available on site
Wheelchair accessible garden (1.2m wide paths)
Tea/coffee included in admission fee
Refreshments available for purchase
Picnic area available (visitors may bring food)
Children’s play area
Garden tours available
Garden opens at other times
Home producers/ Vegetable gardens
Plants/produce stalls
Motorhomes welcome overnight

Hosts: Ruth & John Appleby

285 Lake Sumner Road, Hawarden

Garden grew for a wedding

Newstead’s one-hectare garden grew because the lawn wasn’t big enough for a wedding marquee. So out came the fences and the paddock was transformed into a series of connecting garden rooms. In the Pergola Garden you’ll find the apricot ‘Crepuscule’ rose and white and blue clematis flowering overhead, while nandinas, hydrangeas and roses put on a show in the garden below. Over a dozen flowering cherry trees splash colourful blossom around the garden.

In September 2020, Mother Nature dealt Newstead a significant and devastating windstorm, lifting ten mature trees from their roots and changing some areas considerably. These areas have now been redesigned. This has been most exciting with new plantings and challenges, shifting shade lovers to other areas, and planting new trees. We are enjoying the results!

Enthusiasts of growing their own vegetables will be delighted by the extremely productive vegetable garden, feeding family and friends with carrots, parsnips, beans, corn, leeks, onions, silverbeet, tomatoes, lettuces, herbs and pumpkins. One pumpkin weighing 91.5 kg was the prize-winning pumpkin at the 2019 Hawarden Show. You will be torn between enjoying the decorative charm of the garden and envying the productive and prize-winning capacity of Newstead.