Toilets available on site
Wheelchair accessible garden (1.2m wide paths)
Tea/coffee included in admission fee
Picnic area available (visitors may bring food)
Children’s play area
Garden opens at other times
Home producers/ Vegetable gardens
Plants/produce stalls
Motorhomes welcome overnight

Hosts: Ruth & John Appleby

285 Lake Sumner Road, Hawarden

Garden grew for a wedding

Newstead is a garden that embraces you and makes you feel welcome. Its mature trees are limbed up and create a soft green light over everything. They overarch many of the garden beds, which are deep and lush and overbrimming with beautiful treasures. The generous curved beds feature lovely traditional plants, many of which are for sale and hard to find elsewhere. There is gorgeous colour from rhododendrons, azaleas, viburnums, irises, aquilegia, and the very first roses, all at their peak. The mature trees are a special delight, including wonderful white stemmed birch trees and double apple blossoms.

Newstead is a wonderful place to stroll or simply sit on a hot Nor’west day in Canterbury. But it also has generous curved sunny lawns, lots of winding paths deep into the planting, and a huge sunny border with grasses and sun-loving plants. There is a stunning meadow studded with daisies, and a large productive vegetable and berry garden. It is a clever mix of colour and calmness, a mature garden which shows the result of 25 years of love and nurturing by a passionate plantswoman.


Magic Moss

A range of moss creations from Living Vases to Moss Balls (Kokedama).


Creating a rock and crevice garden

A new rock and crevice garden has been created at Newstead with the help and experience of Doug Logan, well known in the Alpine gardening world in New Zealand and overseas. Doug will be on-site to talk of the creation of these gardens and demonstrate techniques.

When:Saturday 29th Oct, 2pm