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Richard & Anita Todd

Delights and surprises

A long avenue of poplars that line the driveway is the first of many delights you’ll find at Saddlewood. The drive approaches the house where oak trees create a woodland setting for mass plantings of spring bulbs. As you walk around the house through an array of deciduous trees, such as silver birches, ash, oaks and chestnuts, you’ll notice the Plane trees, unexpected in Hurunui’s harsh climate. The lawns behind the house open to the north with spectacular views of Mt Tekoa across several ponds and a ha-ha. Follow the paths and you’ll discover the white garden featuring shrubs and perennials with green and silver foliage, and white flowers. You’ll see Lily of the Valley, Cistus, irises, aquilegia, hellebores, ‘Iceberg’ roses, Viburnum, Solomon’s Seal and ‘Sweet Mock Orange’ with its heavenly fragrance. The white garden is one of many delightful surprises you’ll experience at Saddlewood.