Toilets available on site
Wheelchair accessible garden (1.2m wide paths)
Wheelchair accessible toilet
Home producers/ Vegetable gardens

Host: Sharon Earl

69 Carters Road, Amberley
Phone: 027 654 9771

Sculpture at Amberley’s oldest cottage

Since my first inclusion last year with the HGF, so much development continues to occur here at my home, ‘Goodtime Cottage’, Amberley’s oldest dwelling (1864). Resourcefulness is the central driver for all that I do. I am a sculptor and artist, but I am equally a gardener.

With these ever changing and challenging times, my focus is increasingly on the creation of a highly productive, no dig/ permaculture/ soil focused garden. I hold a strong interest in experimenting with improvements to soil health in pursuit of nutrient dense organic foods. I have a comprehensive composting system, espaliered fruit trees, and a large worm farm. I make biochar, grow cover crops and brew aerated fertilizing teas. I find it all such a fascinating joy.

My sculpting workshop and a gallery displaying steel and wood sculpture, pencil drawings, and leather belts and buckles, will be open for viewing and sales.

I very much look forward to meeting all of the wonderful visitors to my obsessive little world.