On-site/ Off-road parking available (buses call first)
Toilets available on site
Wheelchair accessible garden (1.2m wide paths)
Tea/coffee included in admission fee
Picnic area available (visitors may bring food)
NZMCA members welcome overnight

Your hosts: Jane & Tom McIntosh

176 The Mound Road, Culverden

Phone: 027 669 5051

Artistic endeavours with garden vistas

The Willows may strike you as a scene from a country landscape painting. Perhaps not surprising to learn an artist lives here. The 1.3 hectare garden is a canvas for a collection of trees including wellingtonia, pin oaks, english oaks, weeping elms, tulip trees, chestnuts, maples, many with massive trunks framing views of lush lawns leading to a series of four ponds with waterfalls. The largest pond features a gravity-fed fountain, created twenty years ago by the owner.

The expansive open spaces are just part of this garden exhibition. You’ll find strategically placed seating around six garden rooms, including a tennis court and pergola, swimming pool and side garden, some with soft grass underfoot, others with brick paving and clipped box hedging providing an intimate setting for quiet reflection. Rhododendrons, camellias, roses and shrubs provide an artistic splash of colour. Throughout the garden quirky touches and artworks provide further inspiration.


Jane McIntosh Art

Exhibition of paintings and cards for sale. www.janemcintosh.art.