As of Monday 1 April 2021

Pandemic Plan & Refund Policy

If the Canterbury region of New Zealand is directed by the government and placed in alert levels 3 or 4, the Hurunui Garden Festival cannot operate under the rules of those alert levels. Committee will resume contact via Zoom meetings.


To reschedule the Hurunui Garden Festival when the alert levels are lifted to Level 2 or Level 1.  The Hurunui Garden Festival can operate at Level Two or One.

Commitment would be required by all or most of the gardens in the festival.  It could still proceed even if not every garden was available.

Advertising on social media, newsletters, newspapers and a statement placed on the main website page and ticketing pages of the website will advise the general public of the plans.

A change of date would not affect the garden entry tickets purchased online as these are not dated and can be easily transferred to another weekend.

The guide cannot be changed but additional advertisements and announcements regarding date changes and any gardens not opening will be frequent and timely.


Cancel the Hurunui Garden Festival 2021 completely.

Statements via various media would be prompt.


Garden Entry tickets and Guest Speaker ticket refunds

This pertains only to those who have pre purchased tickets online via the HGF website.

In the event of Option One – all tickets would be honoured.  Garden Entry tickets are not dated and therefore transferrable to another weekend.

Tickets to guest speaker may need to be refunded as that guest speaker may not be available for the new dates and if we are in Alert level 2.

In exceptional circumstances these tickets can be refunded if the customer is not able to visit during the new rescheduled weekend dates.  To qualify for a refund all tickets would need to be returned to the Treasurer before a refund would be issued.


For any tickets purchased from a tour company, the client will need to apply to that tour company for a refund.

NZ Gardener Competition 

The competition is covered by terms and conditions of NZ Gardener.

In the event of the Hurunui Garden Festival being cancelled for 2021, the winner’s prize would be transferred to the festival dates for 2022.


If the Canterbury region is at Alert Level Two or Alert Level One the HGF can operate safely however, the Garden Owners and Visitors will abide by the rules as set out by the Government.

Alert Level Two

All Garden Owners will be required to have a contract tracing QR code at the gate entry to sign in or complete the handwritten register which records name, address, telephone, email and time in.

Garden Owners must provide hand sanitiser.

Garden Owners and Visitors may wear their own face masks but must keep a 2-metre distance.

Alert Level One

No restrictions