Hurunui Garden Festival

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Hurunui Garden Festival gives you a rare opportunity to visit gardens in the Hurunui District.
  2. One of the conditions of entry to our gardens is that all visitors accept responsibility for their and their family’s own health and safety while in the gardens.
  3. Many of the gardens are part of working farms, with livestock, dogs, electric fences and watercourses. Care must be taken, and visitors are advised to not wander outside designated garden areas for their own safety. Do not open farm gates, or approach farm animals for any reason. Parents must supervise children around waterways.
  4. Within garden areas there are potential hazards that could detract from your visit. Many gardens include streams and ponds that are not fenced, so please supervise young children at all times. Where there are fenced swimming pools the gates must remain closed at all times.
  5. Many gardens contain sloping or uneven surfaces, including bricks, wooden sleepers and grass that can be slippery when wet. We encourage all visitors to wear appropriate footwear and exercise caution on steep slopes. Be alert for low hanging branches when walking underneath tree canopies.
  6. Please ensure you remove any property you bring with you into the gardens. Owners are not responsible for disposing of rubbish or collecting and returning lost property.
  7. Please remember these are all private gardens. While you’re welcome to explore the gardens the homes are not open, unless the owners are running tours. Please respect our owners’ privacy.
  8. No smoking is permitted in the gardens, unless there is a specified area.

A note for dog owners – Most of our gardens are on working farms. If you plan to visit any garden which welcomes dogs, your dog must be treated for sheep measles. (Drontal worm tablet or similar)

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